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Cypress Sculpture - "Stand By Me"
  This original Cypress Sculpture is created from two
separate pieces of Cypress knees.  Both pieces were
selected for their natural shapes and how they
compliment each other.  Each piece is carefully placed
and attached to fit together to display their individual
strength and color, but gives the distinct impression
they are leaning on each other.         
 Hence the name "Stand By Me".  This item makes a
great gift to say thanks to someone special that has
always been there for you to lean on.
 The total height on this piece is approximately 16"
and the base is approximately 8" x 12".  This item can
be similarly duplicated to meet specific height and
base dimensions.  We can also customize a piece that
can represent you personal family composition, for
instance two parents with three children, or a single
parent with a child or two.  I personally always think of
my son when I look at this sculpture.
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