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Solid Cypress Clock - small
Unique Cypress Clock
      This solid cypress wood clock is approximately 13" by 13" and is made from a single
cross section piece.  
      This clock features brass tone numbers and 3 brass hands(hour, minute and second).
      The gold tones you see in the picture are in this wood itself but the picture does enhance it
dramatically in the sun light.  This ribbon effect is not what you see in the second photo, what
you see is the tones ans light reflections.  These pieces are difficult to photograph due to the
high sheen on our pieces.          
      The dark accent line at the '6' is created from adding our sawdust and epoxy mixed putty
into the naturally formed crack (during the drying stage).  As this pieces was being worked on
we saw a leaf shape and made the artistic decision of placing the dark accent at the '6'
position in keeping with a stem like affect.  
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