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       This Near Bookmark cypress wood coffee table is referred to as "near" because our
signature bookmark tables are made from two matching cross sections and this one is created
with two different cross sections.  The top cypress pieces are 2" thick and are brought together
with our cypress sawdust and epoxy mixture and has inlays of small cross sections of cypress for a
beautiful strength.  The four cypress knee legs are attached to a single board base and then
attached to the table top to provide extra strength in the unity of all the pieces.  
    This coffee table stands 17" - 17 1/2" tall and has a surface area of approximately 24" deep by
42" long.  The only thing standard about this coffee table is its rough dimensions conform to
general size.  What a conversation starter this piece will be for you and your guests....
       Our high gloss epoxy finish will never show sweat rings from cold beverages and is easy to
clean with a damp rag.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions, or information on custom
sized tables.    
Copyright 2007
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