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Cypress Direct Display Locations
** Rustic Village **
223 Deer Park Avenue, BabylonVillage, NY  
(631) 593-7197
We Would Like To Thank
Our Hosting Locations For

Our Work
  We would like to thank Rustic Village In Long Island NY for
Hosting our Cypress Pieces in their very unique store.  This
great store is owned and operated by Steve And Chriss
Rustic Village is a Family owned business run by
people with a passion for what they do.  
Rustic Village also sells kites for your entertainment, while
supplying you with all the information you will need to make
the right kite purchase for your particular needs.  
  If you have a desire for something unique for your space,
or the perfect kite... Be sure to stop in and visit Steve &
Chriss of
Rustic Village and please feel free to let them
know we have been bragging about them and sent you by.
Some of the pieces being hosted at "Cabin Fever"
Link to