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Two Tier Cypress Table
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This two tier table shows the  
uniqueness of  the natural             
shapes of Cypress.  The base is   
actually one piece of cypress,       
called a knee.  Each top has         
been finished and mounted upon  
the two separate peaks of the       
one knee.  The height of the         
lower tier is 13.5" from the floor,    
and the surface area is 9" x 11".   
The height of the taller tier is 27"  
from the floor and the surface       
area is 16" x 19".  The top piece   
has a natural cornered shape to   
fit nicely into a corner, or to be      
used along a wall as shown.   
This piece has inspired          
similar ideas, that are currently     
being created.  One idea that I      
thought was inspiring... was from   
a client, who has ordered one to   
be made as a child's desk with      
attached chair.  Photos will be       
posted once completed.

View from the right

View from the left
Cypress Two Tier Table
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Cypress Two Tier Table