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Three Tier Cypress Table
Scroll down for pictures of different angles

This three tier piece             
shows amazing design.  Each  
top surface is from a different    
cross cut for contracts and         
color.  The pictures below          
show more angles &  details.    
This piece has brought out our  
clients creativity, and is a           
favored piece by many.  The     
tallest tier is 12" x 12" and 24"  
from the floor.  The middle tier   
is 13" x 14" and 19.5" from        
the floor.  The lower tier is 14"   
x 11" and 15" from the floor.      
This piece can stand alone as  
it's own piece of artwork or it     
can be a beautiful accent           
piece to display some of your   
favorite things.  

Top View
Each Grain Unique

From the left side

Off center Top

From Below / side
shows base detail
Cypress three Tier Table
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Cypress three Tier Table