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Large Leaf Shaped Cypress Table
Scroll down for more pictures of this table

This "Leaf" table is my personal Table.   
This piece is a 3" cross cut section of             
Cypress.  The top surface area is 34" x 39"   
and it stands 15.5" in height.  

This is the piece that started it all !  This   
tree was old and had rot in the center.  The    
center is filled with a saw dust and epoxy        
resin filler with some small branch cuts (the    
lighter circles in the middle).  It was in              
pieces as a gift from my mother, you know     
that "fire wood" i spoke of in the about us       

I have yet to find another cross section     this
large, but when i do .... we will create        
another one similar is size for our clients. As  
this is not for sale.  

After 8+ years of wear and tear it is still    a
beauty and our favorite personal piece.

Top View

Side View
of leg

Side View
Both legs
Cypress Wood Table
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