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Dining Room Table with Cypress Inlay
Scroll down for more pictures of this custom order table

Top Surface
42.5" Wide
88.5" long

Inlay Area
22" x 60"
using 90+

Each Leg
Large Single
Cypress Knee

This Dining Room Table begs to be used... It measure          
42.5" by 88.5" and stands a comfortable 29.5" high.  Each of      
the four legs are uniques in shape and design because they        
are solid cypress knees.
The inlay is 3/4" thick cross section cuts from smaller             
knees.  The inlaid pieces are surrounded by a saw dust and        
resin fill, that creates a look of deep dark waters.  The inlay is      
free formed and designed out of more then 90 individual              
The remaining surface area of the table and the decorative   
trim are stained with Salem Maple color.
This custom order table will seat  8 adults with plenty of         
elbow room to spare.   
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Cypress Inlay Dining Table
Cypress Inlay Dining Table