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Cypress Coffee Table
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This Solid slab Cypress coffee table has a lot of character to
welcome your guests.  The 3" thick slab  has a surface area
30" x 30" and is 17" in height.   This a 3 legged table to add to
its individuality.  The availability of these solid pieces is getting
more scarce, as the trees being harvested don't seem to have
the diameter they did years ago.  

This Table has the high gloss epoxy resin finish and begs to
be touched and enjoyed.  Because it is natural in shape and
color people feel comfortable around it, and naturally want to
stay awhile.  

This table was designed as a coffee table, in its size but it can
easily but adapted for other uses.  Such at a side table in an
entrance foyer or a low end table along a catty cornered
pieces of furniture as it is somewhat triangular in shape.         

You can be sure of one thing... This table will add  style and
character any place it is used or shown.  
Large Slab Cypress Coffee Table
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Large Slab Cypress Coffee Table