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Knotty Cypress Knee Lamps
Two Very Unique Cypress Lamps (set)
       This knotty set of cypress lamps
consists of two similarly created pieces.  
The tall floor lamp stands a proud 62"
high (with shade)and the large table
lamp is 35" high (with shade).  A client
ask me one day if we made taller lamps
then our table lamps .... So an idea was
inspired and then created.  
    Each lamps design was inspired and
then created with a solid knee that had
its own natural arch piece attached.  The
table lamp is set on a cross section to
keep in similarity with the self area of the
floor lamp. Again this is posed as a set
but can be sol individually.  
    The floor lamp has three legs pointed
in a downward direction to provide
symmetry with the top.  The three legs
are attached to the shelf cross section
and the top inspiring piece is the top of
the lamp and accented with smaller
    These lamps are shown with an
octagon shaped shade in faux suede
and beaded with golden brown tone
(As with all our lamps the shade is
inter- changeable).
 The floor lamp has three small chunk
cypress feet and the table has button
feet for viewing from any angle and
allowing cord to be in the rear of the
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As you can see ...  
my nephew can't get enough of these lamps