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Solid Cypress Coffee Table
Unique Free Form Triangle Cypress Table
Copyright 2007
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     This free form Triangular Solid Cypress wood coffee table is created from a single 3" slab
and three cypress knees.  This 3" cross section shows many tones of golden browns, great
grain detailing and accents or darker browns.  There is a solid knee on each of the three
points for artistic flare with plenty of strength.
    Our coffee tables are standard height at 17" to 17 1/2", and the surface area of this piece
is approximately 32" by 36" by 39".  This piece would be the perfect compliment to any room.
Its Unique shape is great for standard sofas or sectional sofas. The flow of this piece shows
many artistic angles and could also be used as an accent piece any place you would like your
eye to be drawn to.
    Our high gloss epoxy finish will never show sweat rings from cold beverages and is easy to
clean with a damp rag.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions, or information on
custom sized tables.  
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