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Cypress Knee Lamp
Unique Small Cypress Table Lamp
This unique cypress wood lamp was inspired by
Chriss of Cabin Fever in West Babylon, NY.  
This cypress lamp is created from a solid single
cypress knee.  4 small button feet were added to
provide viewing access to all sides.  As you can
see in these pictures the lamp is naturally cone
shaped and we feel our clients should be able to
display their preferred side.
The base is approximately 1' in diameter and
stands a proud 40".  The shade is a faux suede
with 2 tone beading. The fixture is a 3-way light
fixture and has a 10' shade harp.  The pictures
below show greater detail to the unique shape and
colors of this piece.  Viewing larger pictures is
possible by double clicking on them.  
This item is on display at Cabin Fever in West
Babylon, NY.
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