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Cypress Knee Lamps
Unique Small Cypress Table Lamps (set)
       This adorable set of small cypress wood table lamps are my daughters favorite... She says to her
they look like families.  They are shown here with black shades with earth tone beading.  As with all
our lamps shade can be inter changed and there is a set of shades tan with brown beading.  Either
look works and it is all about customer preference.  
      The pictures below have been displayed large for you to see all the wonderful tones in these
pieces.  These lamps are shown as a pair because they were created to be similar but can be sold
separately.  We would love to have your feed back too.   
      The lamp on the left 25" high and the one on the right is 22" high (with shade) and the bases are
both approximately 8" x 10".  They both have button feet so the cord can be placed behind or to the
side of the lamp leaving your preferred choice as the front view.   
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