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Solid Cypress Wood End Table
       This set was created with matching cross sections of cypress cut from the same tree.  The tops
are from the same cut of one tree and the bottoms from another. The knees were chosen for similarity
in shape and contour to the base shape.  When i say the pieces are from the same cut i mean they
literally share a cut .... The tops fit together when placed one on top of the other.  The same is true of
the base pieces.  
      These photos were taken at display location and better photos will be on site shortly.  These tables
are approximately 26" tall and the top surface is about 22" round.  As you can see in the photos on
table is inside and one is outside.  With the displays being is different locations you can see they are
different in surroundings but you can also see they are similar to the extent of the curing (drying) cracks
are even located in the same area as its mate piece.   
Copyright 2007
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Unique Set of Cypress Wood End Tables
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