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Cypress Sculptured wildlife

Egore - 20" height
This statue is one of our personal
favorites,  we even named him

He stands a proud 20" tall,
boasting an array of golden brown
tones.  He has an "eye", hunched
shoulders and a long body leading
down to a footing that looks claw

He is simply magnificent from all

See other angles below.
The Photo to the left show a close up view of Egore's face, and
"eye".  You can even see his crooked nose or beak.

The photo below in the center shows his back view. You can see his
hunching shoulders, slightly crooked and raised on the right.

The photo below to the right is a view of his footing area.  It clearly
defines two areas divided by a nice hook shape partition.   
The Photo to the left shows Egore's left side and the
Photo to the right shows his right side.

Both Photos can give you a clear idea of how he stands
gracefully hunched and statuesque.    
Cypress Sculpture
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