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Cypress Knee Lamp
Unique Small Cypress Table Lamp (Culture)
       This interestingly created cypress wood
table lamp Is My personal favorite.  Something
about it screams "culture" and "cultural" to me.
 The two separate piece are each of two
smaller knee points and then attached to the
base.  One has been stripped of its bark and
the other was kept, yet they are nestled
together each complimenting the others
     This piece has a tan paper feel shade with
 burgandy/brown beading.  (
As with all our lamps
the shade is inter- changeable).
  The pictures below have been displayed
large for you to see the tones and bark detail
in this piece.  A dark brown or black shade
also goes beautifully on this piece.  
  This lamp is 23" high the base is
approximately 13" x 13".  This lamp has
button feet so the cord can be placed behind
or to the side of the lamp leaving your
preferred choice as the front view.   
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