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Cocoa Shade Cypress Knee Lamps
Large Cypress Table Lamp Set
      This unique set of Lamps are sizes at 39" for a large height table lamp.  This photo shows shades
not yet beaded (below picture shows beaded shade).  The cypress knees chosen for this pair were
done so because the natural shape and size were very similar to each other.  
     Both lamps have many golden and dark brown tones.  Each also had a smaller knee attached as
these were harvested this way.  The cypress trees grow these knees for support of the primary tree, and
these knees even have knees, leaving us to assume the primary tree was several hundred years old.
     Our lamps are sold with or without shades and our shades are interchangeable with our other lamps
of similar size. Please contact us if you have questions about these lamps.
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       These lamps can be viewed from
any angle and have button feet so they
stay level no matter which side you
prefer to view and which side you prefer
to make the back where the cord would
normally be placed for access to an