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Solid Cypress Clocks
Unique Designer Cypress Clocks
      These very unique Cypress Wood Clocks are one of newest product lines and the
demand is growing every day.  
     Our cypress clocks vary in size and shape as well as in artistic touches.  As you will see
the clock faces are hand assembled and are made from a variety of textiles.  Some clocks
although unique in shape are more general in respects to standard numbers or hands.  You
will also see some are more unique for those of you looking for something more dramatic.  
     Our clocks can also be ordered with specific inlays to your particular interests, such as
certain colored stones, beading, trinket pieces, jewelry charms or even a photo to mark time
gone by (or times still to come).  Feel free to contact us about your ideas and we will be happy
to create a clock just for you.  
     We can even create clocks for those who need two time zones.  Some of you may have a
child in college or family out of state or even in another country.... with a two time zone clock
you will never have to calculate again if it is the right time to call, simply refer to your
personalized clock that looks like hanging artwork and make your calls.  
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