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Solid Cypress Chandelier
Unique Designer Cypress Chandelier
      This One of a Kind Cypress Chandelier is our a First One Created.  There are 9 candle
stick lights with candle bulbs.  The illumination from this can easily light any room.  For a more
subtle affect we suggest using a lower wattage bulb.  This item is not sold with shades but
they can be added by you for the look they desire.
     This chandelier was created with a plug in swag system.  We created this as a swag / plug
in fixture so it can be used in any room by simply installing a plant hanger in the ceiling.  This
piece only weighs 11 pounds.  This swag system has a turn on switch enclosed and can be
installed any place on the cord that is comfortable for the client.  This item can also be
mounted to a ceiling fixture if you desire and we suggest a professional electrician do the
install for you.   
     This item is on display at Rustic Village, Babylon Village, NY
This item at display location
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     This larger view is taken from below to show the shape of this single cypress cross section.
This item at display location Rustic village, 223 Deer Park Ave, Babylon Village, NY