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Cypress Candle Pieces
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These Candle Center Pieces make great gifts,
for friends, family or even a gift for yourself...
The pieces shown here may not be available,
but similar ones can be made.  As every piece
is made from raw cuts of cypress you are
always assured to have a one of a kind piece!  
The candles are held by copper caps,
traditionally used for plumbing, and can be
ordered with more or less then the 5 shown.  
The Above piece is rich in
color, has more "stress"
cracks and darker accents.
Approximately 10" x 10"

The piece to the left has a lot
of honey and golden tones,
the bark has been partially
removed leaving the sides
showing light and dark
colors.  Approx. 10" x  12"     
The piece to the right has a  
lighter golden tone in the
center and a darker tone
around the edges.  The bark
has been removed on this
piece leaving the sides
showing light and dark
colors as well.  This piece is  
Approximately  10" x  14"     
This piece is a single holder made of a small
solid knee.  There is only one copper cap per
piece.  This piece can accent a shelf of
mantle nicely or can be combined with  other
singles to form a cluster (photo coming
soon).  Note the natural colors and details.
This piece is approx. 10" High x 5" diameter.  
These two pieces can be used
together or separate. They were cut
from the same knee but you can see
how unique they are.  They almost
look heart like.  They measure
approximately 4" x 5" each.
Warning ... Never Leave ANY Candles Burning Unattended!
      This trio set of cypress knees
can be used individually or together
to form and arrangement of your own
design.  Each holds a standard pillar
candle.  The three range in height
from approximately 8" to 12".
 As you can see they all boast the
rich gold and dark brown tones.  
They are a perfect choice for your
seasonal decorating.  They are a
very popular choice with our clients
that decorate their get-a-way cabins.  
This item at display location
This item at display location
This item at display location
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