About Us
About Our Business

We are a family business.  The Name "Dastza" is actually a
word we made using the initials of the people in our family.  

Our vision is to bring beauty and function to people by
creating pieces that are specific to a need or want they may

We also create Cypress pieces for the satisfaction of
creating them.  Many of these cypress pieces are sold as
they are, without alteration because they inspire the buyer.  
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How We Got Started ,,,
and  Why We Do This
I have been crafting, creating and building for as long as I
can remember.  Most of what I have done, and learned was
out of a NEED of some kind.  

One day, some 15 years ago,  I stumbled across "Cypress".  
I saw some finished pieces by a crafter selling his works on
the side of a rural road in Florida.  Although they were
smaller pieces of cypress and more for souvenir purposes, I
was Awestruck and emotionally moved by the beauty of this
wood. I had never seen anything like it before.

When my parents retired to Florida I became an avid
traveler.  On a visit there my mother and I were putting many
miles on the car looking for a "traveling antique show" we
had heard about.  We never found the antique show but we
found "Raw Wood" for sale.  That was "THE DAY".

I bought my first Cypress supplies and was thrilled.  Showing
My children what I had just purchased however.... Was
another story. The looks on their faces were of complete
confusion, not really understanding my total excitement over
what looked like firewood.  And the thought that I was going
to proudly display this "cypress" in our living room .... Well....
Let me just say,  they politely agreed "yeah it will look nice

Now ... They are a little older and they are an intricate part
of this business.  From Cypress seeking road trips to carting
it home, to planning out pieces, they are there!

Once assembled, and not looking like a pile of "firewood" we
proudly displayed the first Cypress table we ever created.  

Our first Cypress table is still used and enjoyed by us every
day. That cypress table was crated over 8 years ago and
our love for it only grows.  
We began to see in other peoples awestruck eyes that This
Cypress table really moved them.  As friends and family
came to visit, we started to take notice of the first impression
this table was leaving on them.  It caught everyone's
attention that came in the house.  People seemed very
impressed by it's beauty.  Always asking a question or two
about it and always having to touch it, almost like a need to
"pet" it.  

Our business venture started as we began to make Cypress
pieces for gifts.  The more this Cypress wood was seen the
more we heard about it's beauty, and how we should make
more and show them in high end stores.    So on faith and a
lot of prodding we took the plunge and headed to Florida for
Cypress, Cypress and more Cypress.  We filled the whole
truck and headed back to New York.

So, here we are now.... Three very artistic and creative
people working together to create Cypress works of art that
are unique and amazing one of a kind pieces.  

We love knowing that these Cypress creations are bringing
natures beauty and soothing qualities into the homes and
lives of the people they touch.
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