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Our Very First ....
"Book Mark Table"
The inspiration for this pieces came from the "mother of all
invention" ... Necessity!  During the selection of cypress wood
pieces, we realized the natural sizes were often not the right shape
or size for a standard size sofa.   
This piece stands about 21" high to be a comfortable height for a
coffee table.  The top surface is approximately 50" x 28".  The top
surface of this table is created from two cross sections of the
same tree and is called a "Bookmark" table because if the pieces
were attached then cut and open like it were a book the pieces
would mirror each other as pages in a book.  
This bookmark table invites your guests to sit down and relax.  
This piece has four coats of epoxy resin for an extreme gloss finish.
The above view is taken at a slight angle to show the table
dimension, and to lessen the glare from the high gloss finish.  
The photo to the left is taken from the top.  This picture shows
the bookmark tables true colors.  In this photo you can see
white across the table ... These lines are not an imperfection
they are merely reflections from the surrounding walls and
The photo to the right shows an up close view of the joining of
the two individual pieces.  Each piece is placed into position
and temporarily secured so the area between the two pieces
can be filled and designed with smaller pieces of cypress and
our cypress sawdust filler.  You can see the grain similarity and
the pieces rich gold and brown tones.  
The photos below show you side views of the legs and
thickness of the cross section (approx 2").  In one photo you
can actually see the tables high gloss epoxy finish reflect light
onto the wall.  Notice the legs are each different as each one is
a different piece of a cypress knee.      
This item at display location
This item at display location
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Cypress Wood Book Mark Table