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Our Personal Cigar Ashtray Table

If you have a favorite ashtray we can build a table for it ....

Free Standing
Cigar Ashtray and
Cypress Stand
We must give credit where credit is due.... This piece is the brain
storm of Jon Pinard, a close family friend and admirer of our
pieces.  On his quests for a free standing ashtray "with character"
he was not able to find one that he was happy with.  The inspiration
for this pieces came from his unsuccessful attempts to locate such
an item.  We thought there must be a need for a piece like this...
This piece stands about 33" high to be comfortable for either
standing or sitting.  The top is approximately 10" x 12", with a
recessed area that pockets the ashtray itself.   The ashtray fits
snug and secure while in use but simply lifts out for cleaning.  This
piece has four coats of epoxy resin for an extreme gloss finish.
This piece can be similarly recreated upon request.  We are
projecting a serious demand for this type of piece and will soon be
showing them in upscale cigar shops.   
The above view is of the entire piece, taken from a regular standing
position, as it would be seen on a daily basis.        
Below you can see the right and left side views of this pieces.
The above view is a close view of the
top of this pieces.  It shows the color
spectrum of the cypress wood cross
section, as well as the placement of the

The view to the left is the front view of
this piece taken at eye level.
The view to the left shows the top
without the ashtray, so you can see the
molded impression used to keep the
ashtray secure.  This view also shows
there is no work involved in the
removal of the ashtray for cleaning.

The view to the right is a closer view of
the details and colors on the base of
this piece.   
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Cypress Cigar Ashtray