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This Chandelier in painted flat
black to imitate the look of
rout-iron and dressed with glass
like beading.  It holds 5 pillar
candles, one in each cup holder.  
Each cup holder contains a form
fitting, clay molded insert  that
holds the candles.  This piece
looks heavy because it imitates
the look and feel of iron but it is
actually very light weight.  This
piece can be easily hung with a
standard plant hook in the ceiling
and quickly add color and style to
any room, as a unique focal or
accent piece.   
This piece is 16" tall and 19"
across, not counting the chain.    

Custom Ordered Piece!
This Chandelier is painted in
multiple tones of brown to have a
warm wood like feel.  This piece
is light weight and has 5 large
rimmed holders to accommodate
large round or pillar candles up to
3.5".  It is dressed with an
assortment of beading all in the
brown tones to compliment the
painted surface.  It is currently
being used as a focal, and
functional piece in a master
bathroom suite.  
This piece measures
approximately 20" tall and 24"
across, not counting the chain.  
Link to
Non Cypress Chandeliers

To see this chandelier in
detail click photo.  One of a
kind piece with 7 candle
stick lights on a 15+ foot
swag system for easy
installation on any ceiling
with a simple plant hook.
This piece can be hard
wired to an outlet bow but
we recommend using a
professional electrician.